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About Ryck Jane

Jenee Dixon, more popularly known as Ryck Jane is an American Hip-Hop Artist, recognized for her bold lyrics, inventive style, and strong, sexy character. This music phenomenon, possesses a presence and a persona that looms well beyond her tiny frame. As a independent artist, Jane has an inspirational collection of music designed to encourage people through her personal testimonies.


Ryck Jane was born Jenee Dixon in Los Angeles. CA. The development of her unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences. Growing up in a talented family meant that she was always surrounded by different forms of music. In the 1950's her grandfather toured the country as a member of the famous group "The Four Knights" and were even guests on the Ed Sullivan show. At a young age, Ryck knew that she wanted to be a musician, so she began taking piano lessons at the age of 8 and started writing music and playing the trumpet when she was 14 yrs. old.


Ryck Jane realized that her first love was music. As a teenager, she was apart of the award winning marching band and jazz band at Washington Prepartory High School where she met and joined the alternative hip-hop band called the "Wylde Bunch". In 2003, WB signed to Sony Records and began playing at numerous gigs while touring the U.S. and Europe. Adding to her accomplishments, Ryck Jane's live & recording performance collaborations, include - Beyonce  (Coachella (2018) and Super Bowl 50), John Legend, T-Boz (TLC), Lala Hathaway, Musiq Soulchild, Sly & the Family Stone, YoYo, Tank, Glasses Malone and a host of other well-known talents. 


"The most important thing to Ryck Jane is respect! She has never compromised herself or her artistic point of view." She is not only recognized as a talented multi-instrumentalist, she also writes, arranges, produces, engineers and performs all of her own music. Jane has developed her own distinctive sound by listening to many talented artists such Jay-z, Guru, Notorious B.I.G., Foxy Brown, J.Cole, Missy Elliot and Lauren Hill and many other soul and R&B artists.


During her melodious journey, Ryck has taken her passion and determination to the next level by continuing to hone her talents.  In late 2014, she released her first mixtape "California Raisins", which granted her with many features on multiple blogs and websites including Hype & Genius in the U.K. and Brand New Hip-Hop in France.


This year, she will debut her upcoming "EP" release in 2020 which will host a platform displaying her variety of musical and instrumental styles.  Whether performing on stage, songwriting or making music in the studio with Drop Squad Entertainment, Ryck Jane is on her way to becoming hip-hop's new female entertainer. Your ears and your heart will celebrate hearing the unique, eclectic and hard core sounds of Ryck Jane!

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